Welcome to this website which is dedicated to exposing the truth regarding paranormal attacks, hauntings, destructive cults, abuses and evil spirits.

Paranormal existences are not generally recognized by society to be a factual part of life. In our own human world, we have problems of crimes, inhumanities and war. These problems have not been solved for the conclusion of peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, women and children. Mankind's knowledge of life is somewhat defined by mankind's experiences. These experiences have been limited in comparison to the potentials of the universe and life beyond the human realm on Earth. Taking this into consideration, 'if' there were hostile and calculated paranormal existences, then societies of Earth would be vulnerable to exploitation, manipulation, and abuse.

If we look at the matter with common sense, we can understand the nature of criminals from our own society. We can recognize that they act in such a manner to isolate a vulnerable victim and violate them in such a way that the criminal will not be reprimanded by the powers of civil justice. Criminals do not seek to be detected by the powers of justice whom would stop them committing the crimes and punish them. So we can gather that 'if' there were hostile paranormal forces within human society that they would seek to isolate a vulnerable victim and violate them in such a way that the criminal will not be brought to society's justice. This is a very serious matter, for it means that beyond the field of vision, calculated hostile paranormal forces would be exploiting the vulnerabilities of human society and abusing victims for their malevolent will. And why not, people do it to each other in our own societies. The only sticking point for the public calculated paranormal existences factually exist. 'If' they did, then there is no doubting the probability that some would be hostile, and then it is common sense to realize that we as human beings that do not even recognize their existence generally, would be at risk.

Take it that in this case 'there is no smoke without fire'. There have been many cases throughout history where people have reported various paranormal abuses including haunting, possession from evil spirits, poltergeists, alien sightings and abductions, etc. Religions generally recognize good and evil supernatural forces. Do you really think that in a universe of this size we are the only life forms ? And do you really think that with the potential of life, the human form and that of animals are the only intelligent kinds that exist on Earth?.

This website is for people that recognize that there ARE calculated evil spirits and that sometimes, these calculated paranormal existences are directly and cunningly hostile to human independence and welfare and engage in abusive paranormal abuses. This website is also designed to expose the dangers of destructive religious cult groups. You can read or download a personal account of calculated paranormal abuse by clicking the 'Read My Story' link in the menu. It is recommended you do so as it will give you an insight into the nature and consequences of calculated paranormal violation from evil spirits.

The aim of this website is to make paranormal terrorism an accepted and respected subject in general society where victims are given respect, credibility and assistance.

Terry Browne

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